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Pilates arc, Pilates stick, Pilates sculpting mat, Pilates ring, and yoga mat.

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  Purchase now and receive a free gift package prepared by Cunruope for you. The gift includes: Pilates arc, Pilates stick, Pilates sculpting mat, Pilates ring, and yoga mat.

  The threshold for participating in the promotion: Purchase Pilates equipment of C6, T2, and R2 models to receive a gift package.

  Estimated delivery time from CA warehouse: 1-2 weeks

  Pilates equipment in stock (Update time: October 2):

Model  Stock quantity
C6  70pcs
T2  160pcs
R2  90pcs

  Warehouse is located in CA. Estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

  Please note: Certain colors may be out of stock, stock is rapidly disappearing.Learn more about our Shipping Policy:https://cunruope.com/pages/shipping-policy


  How can I confirm that I can get 5 gifts?

  1.First method: You can add the gift pack to the shopping cart, and the price is free. (Designated Pilates equipment only: C6, T2, and R2)

  2.Second method: as long as you order C6, T2, and R2 Pilates equipment, we will add a gift list when we confirm the order with you.

      1.Pilates Arc

    Pilates Arc

      Hollow arch covered with non-slip and resistant synthetic leather that gives perfect stability in the exercises.

      The hollow arch offers several training possibilities that help improving posture, providing great stability and comfort.

      It is covered with a new synthetic leather specially developed for our Pilates products. It has a very resistant non-slip system and complies with environmental regulations.

      Weight: 3.5 kg

      Measures: 60 cm x 57 cm x 15 cm

      2.Private Pilates Pole

    Private Pilates Pole

      Private Pilates Pole is suitable for aiding alignment, arm work, and increasing the focus on scapular stabilisation during Pilates exercises performed on the reformer, ladder barrel, or during Pilates matwork. It also aids balance when performing standing exercises on the Pilates reformer.

      The pole is covered with rubber pads to prevent slipping on the floor.

      Length: 150 cm

      Diameter: 3 cm

      3.Pilates Reformer Mat

      (1)Reduce the friction on the Pilates equipment and extend its service life.

      (2)Convenient for cleaning and replacement, more hygienic.

      (3)Sweat-absorbent and non-slip, providing a better exercise experience.

      4.Pilates Circles

    Pilates Circles

      Rings (also called magic circles) are commonly used in Pilates to increase the intensity of floor exercises.

      Particularly useful for problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms, the chest, and even the pelvic muscles.

      (1)Tone and Build Muscle - Pilates Circles is perfect to tone your upper arms, thighs, abs and pelvic muscles.

      (2)Core Stability - Pilates Circles will help improve your core stability and muscle control.

      (3)Full Body Workout - Pilates Circles creates moderate resistance when compressed to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and target a wide range of muscle groups.

      5.Yoga mat

      Yoga Mat Made from Natural Rubber and Suede which is both eco friendly and comfortable.

      The natural rubber base delivers extreme resilience, strong grip, and a full sense of security in use. The surface draws moisture away & the natural rubber backing offers the perfect amount of cushioning to ensure your safety and comfort.

      Measures: 1830*680*5mm

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      Our Pilates equipment is made of high-quality materials, durable, lightweight, and easy to carry, suitable for exercising at home or in the office. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, our equipment can meet your requirements.

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