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  CUNRUOPE is an online retailer providing competitive prices on the best Pilates Equipment available.

  Our customers are our main priority and we guarantee that all products sold by CUNRUOPE have undergone the most stringent quality checks in the selection of raw materials, production processes, handling, and packaging while providing you the top selection of equipment out there.

  For years we have been delivering exceptional quality and innovative design for affordable prices, partnering with the most beloved businesses and studios in the fitness world.

  Cunruope® Pilates Equipment

  Working with a team of physical therapists, engineers, sports medicine and fitness professionals, we continue to develop and innovate our education, equipment and products in line with the latest exercise science research and fitness knowledge, while maintaining our commitment to safety, effectiveness, quality and originality.

  The wood frames of all our Reformers, Swing Tables and Reformer Swing Combinations are built to last - we offer a three-year warranty on Cunruope Reformer Frames and Footrests, Ladder Barrels, Step Barrels, Wunda Chairs, Combo Chairs, Arm chair.

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  Here at Cunruope, we only partner with brands that reflect our core values. And our number one priority will always be delivering exceptional and efficient customer service.

  Easy Financing

  Would you like to finance your Pilates equipment purchase? No problem, our partners at Affirm are making Pilates Equipment Financing easy!

  With Affirm you can purchase your dream Pilates machine now, and pay it off later. Allowing you to finance your piece of dream pilates equipment according to your cash flow, and balance your investment with other financial demands.

  Our advantages

  1.Direct Manufacturing: We can directly manufacture Pilates equipment, avoiding intermediary agents, which allows us to reduce costs and ensure product quality.

  2.Equipment Quality: We specialize in producing high-quality Pilates equipment, giving our products a competitive edge in the market.

  3.Customization Services: We can customize products according to customer's requirements and needs, meeting their specific demands.

  4.Production Cycle: We can flexibly manage the production cycle and meet customers' needs as quickly as possible, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  5.After-Sales Services: We can provide comprehensive after-sales services, including repairs, maintenance, and replacement of parts, to ensure customers remain satisfied with your products.

  Corporate Culture

  1. Diligence

  We depend on our own hands to create happiness but not wait for it. God always stands on industrious people’s side. As long as we keep our hard-working, try our best to promote ourselves, and improve our ability of competition, we will gain and own a bright future.

  2. Perseverance

  If we have experience in life, we will not be afraid of anything. The secret to success is perseverance. It will lead us to failure if not to concentrate on working. As the old saying goes, with time and patience the leaf of the mulberry becomes satin. So far as we insist, we will be successful in our careers.

  Concept of Development



  There are opportunities and competition in the market, however, and the cruelty of competition can not be shifted by our mind, so we will try our best to grow in size and strength, and refuse the temptation of profit before everything.

  We understand the desire to bring quality of Pilates studio equipment into your home for the safest and most comfortable exercise experience.

  Join our team!

  Cunruope is a fast-growing and innovative retailer. We’re looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and solutions-oriented people to join our team. Our goal is to bring the benefits of mindful movement to people around the world. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, apply now to join our team!

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